Von Fach Smoked Salmon Company was conceived thanks to an old family tradition more than 50 years ago. Germain led Fonfach Balboa (October 11, 1914 Villarrica - Villarrica July 12, 1999) who practiced fly fishing for salmon, smoked much of their catch using traditional methods and passing on his ways to subsequent generations sharing their own ..



  • Smoking is based on noble woods of southern Chile.
  • Is also manually cut and / or laminated, as appropriate.
  • For packaging to deliver, we use excellent technology to ensure an optimal end product, retaining all its qualities.
  • We count on  a specialized team that is constantly specializing to deliver the best.

International Flavor

With an excellent international growth, we start to Singapore, Cuba, Panama, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia four years ago.


To comply with all established standards of quality, health and marketing, we have a quality system based on HACCP allowing us to market to both domestic and international markets, meeting the highest standards of quality. We are also certified kosher.

Tradition and Quality

In the process Von Fach selects the salmon which is farmed in the clear waters of southern Chile. The company's main objective is to obtain a smooth texture, color and exquisite taste, thus ensuring excellent quality.