About us

Von Fach Company Smoked Salmon was born thanks to an old family tradition of more than 50 years.
Led by German Fonfach Balboa (October 11, 1914 Villarrica, Chile – Villarrica, Chile July 12, 1999) who practiced fly fishing for salmon, smoked much of their traditional way sharing among their own.

In fact far from realizing practical for profit, was a passion he carried with him, do it with taste and care. Standing out among fans of  Villarrica, German Fonfach passed on his knowledge to his sons, who copied his habit to maintain a proud tradition.

The same features handmade smoked, innovating with some jealously guarded secrets in the process, begins to market the product. Soon the company moved to grow in a sustainable manner and privileged, standing in the business of smoked salmon in Chile.

Well distributed to large retail chains, hotel chains, restaurants and other smoked salmon varied and attractive formats.